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Are You Content with Life?

The definition of contentment is considered to be a state of happiness and satisfaction; it has more to do with your peace of mind and your attitude about life in general and how it relates to you. While you can experience many hardships, it’s your attitude about those events that defines your contentment.

History Lessons in Contentment

History has shown us many examples of contentment. Mother Teresa was well-known for her kindness to others. Her sacrifice was evident in her physical being. Mother Teresa’s feet were severely deformed. This did not come about through a disease or illness; her deformed feet developed as a result of her sacrifice. She and the Sisters relied on donations for everything, from food to clothing and even shoes. Mother Teresa didn’t want anyone to be left with the worst shoes so she selected them for herself. Her work over the years was long and hard as she took care of others in ill-fitting shoes that severely deformed her feet. In her sacrifice to help others, she learned to be content with what she had for she could have easily ended up with no shoes at all.

Contentment Does Not Equate to Stagnation

Being content does not mean you give up on your goals or dreams. It means your attitude about your life is one of practical fulfillment and contentment while you move forward to address other issues, goals, dreams and aspirations.

What Is Contentment to You?

Matthew Gersper, the founder of Happy Living, assessed the hallmarks to significance in his life. For him, they are:

  • His one true love
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Fitness (physical, mental and spiritual)
  • Finance
  • Adventure in nature
  • Business

While having all of those hallmarks fulfilled brought significance to him, you will need to define what things are significant to you for your contentment.

True contentment is about how you see, feel, think and believe about yourself. If you’re looking to learn more about contentment, visit this website.

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