The Amazing Benefits of Gummy Bear Breast Implants

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Surgeon


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Gummy bear breast implants continue to gain popularity, mainly due to the durability and natural shape provided by them. This type of implant can last longer than the alternatives, but there are many other benefits you may not know about. If you’re weighing your options regarding breast augmentation, we’ll explain more about what you can expect.

A Natural Look

Women who want a breast implant that looks nature entirely often choose to go for cohesive gel implants, or gummy bear breast implants. The reason for this is because the teardrop shape with a round base looks extremely similar to a natural breast. This style has been preferred for years when compared to the round styles available.

Hold Shape Longer

When you look at saline implants vs. silicone implants, the silicone option keeps the shape longer. The gel material is better at staying formed than the liquid of saline. With gummy bear breast implants in New York, the gel is even thicker and improves the chances that the shape will stay perfect longer.

Less Chance of Leakage

It’s not uncommon for breast implants to leak, especially when they are filled with saline. Fortunately, silicone does better at this. With this type of augmentation, the gel shell covers a semi-solid interior. Even if a leak does occur, it’s not going to leave the outer shell. There’s always a chance of breakage, but when you choose gummy bear implants, it’s far less likely to occur.

Folds and Ripples are Rare

With a gummy bear breast implant, there is a distinct shape, unlike with a saline breast implant. The material stays where it is and doesn’t migrate after being placed. Also, the material inside the implant has a tighter molecular bond that can help keep the shell from collapsing, which is often when leads to rippling or folding of the implant.

Lowered Risk of Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is the result of internal scar tissue which forms around the location of the implant to create a capsule. This is the most common side effect of breast reconstruction or augmentation. The material inside gummy bear breast implants makes it less likely this will happen to you.

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