All About Trigger Points in West Islip, NY

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Health


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Sometimes when you add too much stress or pain onto your muscles, you can develop trigger points. Pressure points can be caused by even the simplest things, such as poor posture, bad sleeping position, infections, and even emotional pain. Here are a few common questions people ask about trigger points.

What happens if they are left untreated?
Sometimes they will go away, but this can increase the chances of the muscles becoming damaged and developing problems in the central nervous system.

What are some ways that a physician can help with the pain?
A few of the ways in which doctors treat trigger points include:

Dry needling- A dry or medicated needle is inserted into the skin to help relieve pain.

Massage therapy- A doctor or a physician will gently massage the trigger point area. They will also try compression therapy where the doctor will place pressure on the point until it relaxes.

Physical therapy- A physical therapist will give you a list of exercises and techniques to do daily that will help reduce the pain and stretch out your muscles.

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