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All About Athletes Foot Treatments in Joliet, IL

Athletes foot is a medical condition that is actually a fungal infection. Most cases of fungal infection can be treated using common, over-the-counter medications. These medications can include micronazole, clotrimazole and lerbinafine. These medications are applied to the skin to both relieve the itching that is commonly associated with the infection and help to clear the infection itself.

If over-the-counter medication does not treat the problem as it should, a clinic or doctor will prescribe a stronger medication. These prescription antifungals can include both topical medications and oral medications. The doctor will most often start by prescribing the topical medications, as they have fewer side effects and are most cost-effective. In cases of severe fungal infections, the doctor will prescribe an oral medication. These can be very expensive and also require frequent testing because the side effects can be harsh in some people.

Unfortunately, even after treatment of the fungal infection, athletes foot can return. To help prevent relapse, it is necessary to complete the entire prescribed regimen of treatment, just as would happen with antibiotics. Many people stop taking the treatment after symptoms disappear and this is a huge reason for the infection coming back. Browse here for more details.

The most common infection is known as toe web. This is because the infection happens on the skin between the toes. This is usually treated with a normal routine of topical ointments. The second type of infection is known as moccasin foot. This infection exhibits itself as thick and scaly skin that covers the foot. Over-the-counter medications are not typically strong enough to penetrate the infection so, in these instances, a prescription ointment will be ordered by the doctor. There is a third type of infection that shows up as blisters. This is called a vesicular infection.
Treatments will be administered as a prescription ointment along with antibiotic, as bacterial infections are common with this type.

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