A Stem Cells Clinic in Topeka, KS Is the Go-to Place for Tissue and Bone Healing

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Chiropractic


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The therapeutic injection of platelet-rich plasma or PRP is making it possible for patients to feel healthier and pain-free. This innovative science is used to heal tendon and chronic joint pain and speed the healing of athletic injuries.

How the Process Works

So, if you want to receive PRP treatment, you can receive the therapy at a stem cells clinic in Topeka, KS. In order to better understand how the therapy works, you need to understand the protocol. Blood is comprised of plasma, platelets, and red and white blood cells.

The platelets in the blood play a major role in the blood’s clotting and therefore its healing ability. That is because platelets contain growth factors that encourage ligament, tendon, and cartilage healing. These same growth factors also serve as a catalyst for bone regeneration and wound healing.

The Center for Manual Medicine is one example of a clinic that offers this type of therapy. When you visit medical specialists at this type of facility, they take a small quantity of blood at the time of the procedure. The blood is then transferred to a special centrifuge that spins and divides the platelets and growth factors. Specialized cells or cell products are then injected into the sites that require healing.

Why PRP Is Safe

Besides being utilized in stem cells clinic facilities, PRP is also used during surgery to help ligaments, tendons, and bones to heal. Because PRP only contains the products from a patient’s blood, the treatment triggers a healthy inflammatory response. The risk is reduced because the cells come from the patient.

If you want to take advantage of the therapy at a local stem cells clinic, you need to be able to comply with some of the requirements outlined for proceeding with treatment. For example, in order to be considered, you have to be someone who has a long history of joint or tendon pain.

If you cannot follow the therapy by resting or are unable to take anti-inflammatory medicine for two weeks before and after the procedure, you may have to consider another treatment option. You have to be able to follow these steps in order to realize success.

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