5 Tips for Traveling While Disabled or Chronically Ill

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Health Care


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Traveling while dealing with a major medical condition can be frightening – but it doesn’t have to be. Here are five tips for traveling while chronically ill that will make your trip more enjoyable:

Plan for Success

It’s hard to have a safe, successful trip if you don’t plan for one in advance. Call your hotel and ask for the kind of accommodations you need. Book your travel accommodations early to ensure safe, accessible seating and wheelchair or other access if necessary. Working ahead this way will help you spend less time worrying while you’re on the move.

Maintain Your Routine

Staying as true to the routine you use at home for medications, self-care, dining, and sleep will help maintain a sense of normalcy for your body and brain during travel. This will keep your health in better balance while you’re away from home, so you can focus on enjoying yourself while you’re out.

Use the Buddy System

Most people living with medical concerns or disabilities know that traveling alone is a big risk. If you can’t take a family member or friend on your trip, considering hiring assistance from a commercial air medical escort. These professionals provide non-emergency medical assistance and monitoring while you travel, so you can enjoy your trip without worry.

Keep an Eye Out for Accessible Accommodations

These days, there are accessible accommodations available almost everywhere, but they aren’t always well-advertised. Look and ask for these accommodations wherever you go; it’s likely that the hotels, restaurants, etc. that you patronize will be happy to meet your needs.

Don’t Be Too Proud for Discounts and Benefits

There are many discounts and benefits available to travelers who are disabled. While it may be embarrassing to take advantage of these perks, it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of. If you’re offered a discount, a bump to the front of a line, or other accommodations, take them – they’ll make your trip even more enjoyable and are your right as a customer.

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