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5 Myths About Rhinoplasty in Waimea

Rhinoplasty Waimea is the most complex type of plastic surgery. Not only must the patient’s nose blend in with the rest of his or her face, each part of the nose must work well with the others. A local rhinoplasty provider must pay attention to the details, and they must have knowledge of the various aspects of facial harmony. In this article, patients can learn the truths behind some of the most common misconceptions about rhinoplasty.

Nose Jobs are Covered by Insurance

Cosmetic rhinoplasties aren’t typically covered, unless there’s a functional reason for the procedure. A nose job can correct a deviated septum and its related breathing issues, but only that portion of the procedure may be covered by a patient’s insurance plan.

A Rhinoplasty Always Looks Fake

While a poorly-done procedure can provide an unnatural result, the best surgeons can provide natural, aesthetically pleasing results. In years gone by, nasal cartilage was commonly over-removed, which can result in breathing issues and a pinched look. A procedure from David K. Hiranaka M.D., D.M.D appears natural, the results aren’t distracting, and the viewer’s gaze is directed to the person’s skin, smile and eyes.

A Surgeon Can Make a Patient’s Nose Look Like a Celebrity’s

A potential patient should set their expectations at a reasonable level. Every person’s face is different, and one person’s nose may not look good-;or be achievable-;on another. A good surgeon will make the patient’s nose fit with their persona, face, height and ethnicity.

Any Surgeon Can do a Nose Job

Rhinoplasty Waimea is a very complex, demanding procedure, and even a slight deviation can make a significant difference in the result. A specialist with a background in facial cosmetic surgery, otolaryngology and neck/head surgery should do nose jobs. Such a practitioner will not only understand the aesthetic aspects, they will appreciate and understand the nose’s many functions.

The Surgery Might Need to be Redone

While up to 15% of rhinoplasty patients may need a revision surgery, the procedure should only need to be done once. A person’s nose should be built to last, and due to the complex nature of the operation and the variability in skin, healing and anatomy, revisions may need to be done. When such a procedure is done, it’s usually to correct a minor imperfection. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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