4 Ways a Critical Care Flight Nurse Can Help Your Loved One

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Health


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If your loved one is injured during a trip and is now heading home, hiring a critical care flight nurse is crucial. Here’s why:

Recovery from surgery

If your loved one has undergone surgery and is already on the plane just a few days after the procedure, then hiring a nurse helps. Your loved one is still recovering from the procedure. It’s best that a medically-trained professional is on board that flight to provide help and assistance to your injured family member or friend.

Prevent injury from getting worse

Travel can aggravate the injury or wounds of your loved one. With the help of a nurse, though, your loved one won’t have to put undue strain on his body throughout the long journey home. His nurse will take care of all the details so he can rest and relax.

Stay in contact

It’s important to stay in contact, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If your loved one is all alone on that trip, engaging the services of a critical care flight nurse is ideal. You can stay in touch with the nurse during layovers and get regular updates, if there are any delays or issues and if there’s a need to secure a wheelchair or any other kind of equipment before the plane lands. You can do that while your loved one is sleeping or resting.

Get peace of mind

With a nurse to look after your loved one, your worry will be minimized. Your family member or friend won’t accidently strain himself, trying to get something from the compartment or aggravate his injuries when a fellow passenger unknowingly bumps into him. A trained nurse will ensure these things won’t happen.

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