4 Ways Aquatic Therapy Makes Your Life Better

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Health Care


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The right exercise program can do a lot to improve your physical condition. Here are several reasons you may want to give aquatic therapy in Newark NJ a try.

Improves joint flexibility

The buoyancy of the water provides tremendous advantages. By reducing the effects of gravity, your body can enjoy a better range of motion. If you have an injury, then you can find it easier to move in the water. It will be less painful for you to start increasing the range of motion for the affected joint.

Good cardiac exercise

Being in the water forces your heart and lungs to work harder. That’s because of the hydrostatic pressure on your chest cavity. It’s the pressure that envelops your body the moment you submerge yourself in the water, compressing your skin, joints, and muscles, the GuideDoc says.

Boost muscle strength

Water is so much more resistive than air. Whenever you exercise in the water, you’re giving your muscles a harder workout. That’s information you can use to create treatment or exercise programs that can help you increase your muscle strength. Keep in mind that water is highly resistant to rapid movements. Effective use of this information in your exercises can result in significant improvements in your muscle strength.

Restore your balance

If your injury has made it difficult for you to move around or stand up, then making an appointment for aquatic therapy in Newark NJ can do a lot to strengthen your muscles, especially those in the affected areas. That’s going to help you get back on your feet sooner rather than later. With the right exercise program, you can improve your balance and start on your exercises. As a handy side-benny, exercising in the water also means you won’t have to worry about falling or tripping, or getting injured.

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