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4 Questions to Ask Your Glaucoma Doctor

If you’ve been diagnosed with glaucoma, it’s normal to be concerned about the future of your eye health. After all, you want to select the best eye care options for your situation.

When you visit your glaucoma doctor St. Augustine FL, you should take an active role in selecting your treatment. One way you can be an active participant is by asking the right questions. Here are 4 questions to ask your glaucoma doctor during your next visit.

What is the primary goal of the glaucoma treatment?
It’s important to approach each treatment with realistic expectations. If you’re expecting full restoration of your eyes, you should know if this is a realistic outcome. By discussing the goal of each treatment, you won’t be surprised by the results.

What are my glaucoma treatment choices?
There are many ways to treat glaucoma. This includes medications, laser procedures or surgical procedures. Be sure to ask if your doctor has been trained to perform surgical procedures.

Are there any treatment side effects that I should know about?
Some procedures can have short-term (or long-term) effects on your quality of life. You should be aware of these side effects before you agree to any procedure. Some temporary side effects include eye irritation and redness. The good news is your doctor may be able to minimize some of the side effects.

Can you provide information about the treatment success rates?
Each treatment offers a unique level of effectiveness. You should select the best option with the highest success rate for your particular eye condition. Knowing this information can help you make informed decisions.

Are you concerned that you have glaucoma? A glaucoma doctor St. Augustine FL at Florida Eye Specialists is available. Contact us to schedule an evaluation.

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