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3 Tips to Help U.S. Parents Pick the Best Infant Formula For Their Babies

When you bring a new baby home, one of the ways to prepare for the new arrival is to choose an infant formula. Picking a formula isn’t something you can do casually since there are several factors to consider. Before you begin shopping, you should write down a list of the factors that are most important to you as a new mom.

Look For Specific Nutrients

Each baby has unique needs so it’s important to choose a formula that meets your child’s specific nutritional requirements. If your doctor finds that your baby has a deficiency of a particular nutrient, you’ll want to choose a formula that offers a larger quantity of that nutrient. Ask your baby’s doctor about any specific vitamins or nutrients your baby needs.

Address Other Dietary Challenges

In addition to ensuring your baby’s formula provides the proper balance of nutrients, you should be sure to choose a product that meets their dietary needs. For example, choose a lactose-free formula for a baby that is lactose intolerant. Look for mild formulas for a baby with food allergies. You can also find gluten-free formulas if that’s a concern for your family.

Read Parent Reviews

Before you make a final decision, look online for parent reviews for each infant formula you’re considering trying. If you find a formula that more than a few parents found to be problematic, you may want to avoid those products. While every product will have some bad reviews, you should look for products with more positive reviews. This will increase the chances that your baby will like the formula you choose and that it will be an excellent source of nourishment.

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