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3 Questions and Answers About Minor Burns in Salem, OR

Does your burn need medical attention? Can you treat it at home? What should you expect when you see a doctor about a burn? These are all important questions to ask after you burn yourself. Here are three answers to common questions about major and minor burns.

Does the burn need emergency medical attention?

In certain circumstances, burns need immediate medical attention. Here are the times you should see a doctor:

  • If your burn gets infected
  • If it covers a part of your skin that is bigger than your palm
  • Burns to your face, eyes, ears or genitals
  • Third-degree or fourth-degree burns
  • Burns that get worse over time

How do I treat minor burns in Salem, OR, at home?

If your burn is a first-degree or second-degree burn, it is considered a minor burn. Treat it by:

  • Running cold water over the burn
  • Covering the burn with a bandage
  • Watching your injury for signs of infection

Do not break any blisters that form as a result of your burn.

How are major burns treated?

Minor burns are treated by keeping it clean, keeping it dry and applying over-the-counter creams and ointments. Third-degree and fourth-degree burns often require more invasive treatments like skin grafts. Major burns take longer to heal and may require multiple medical visits or hospital stays.

If you think you have minor burns in Salem, OR, contact Swiftcare Immediate Medical Clinic at the website.

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