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3 Good Reasons to Schedule an Appointment with a Foot Doctor in Chatham

While seeing a primary care physician is always a good idea, there are times when you need to see a specialist. That’s particularly true if you believe there’s something up with your feet. Here are some reasons why seeing a foot doctor Chatham can be in your best interests.

One has to do with knowing if a chronic health issue is affecting the circulation in your feet. For example, type 2 diabetics may find that their conditions adversely affect blood flow to the feet. By checking from time to time, it’s possible to know if the tissue is still healthy and if the circulation has been compromised.

Heel pain that won’t go away is another reason to see a foot doctor. This is particularly true if there are no outward signs of trouble for you to see. A specialist will know what tests to run in order to determine the origin of the pain. From there, it will be possible to settle on a course of treatment.

It’s not just feet that the foot doctor Chatham can examine. If there’s a problem with an ankle, this type of medical professional can help. Swelling for no apparent reason, pain in the joint, and a number of other issues can be successfully treated once the cause is isolated.

If there’s anything out of the ordinary happening with the feet or the ankles, seek medical attention today. You may find that the problem can be remedied a lot quicker than you anticipated. For more information, please contact Mitchell Foot & Ankle today.

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