3 Acupuncture Facts

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Chiropractic


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When you are searching for a medical solution to alleviate nagging symptoms, there are many options at your disposal. If you are interested in a treatment that is not invasive and holistic, you might consider Acupuncture Treatment Massapequa.

Here are three acupuncture facts.


The use of acupuncture as a medical treatment solution has been around for thousands of years. Originating from eastern cultures, western ones have adopted the practice, too. Additionally, through testing, westerners have helped the practice evolve. Dry needling has been used for 2000 years. It is used to treat muscle pain relief. With today’s knowledge of the human body, medical professionals combine dry needling, for example, with their patient’s goals. After an assessment, the practitioner presents a plan. In the best case scenario, results are noticeable after the first session.

The Process

If you opt for acupuncture treatment, you can ask your medical professional to utilize the dry needling technique. Specialized needles are inserted into muscles where a patient may be experiencing pain, soreness or tightness. The goal is to cause a twitch in the area, and then, a release. When scar tissue is present, your practitioner will attempt to break it up through the use of the needles. Some patients experience soreness after their treatment, which is normal.

The Benefits

Acupuncture can lead to several benefits. Some patients report relief from pain, an increase in range of motion or more efficient healing. Acupuncture can also lead to postural changes. Since this medical treatment is non-invasive, it offers a great place to start before opting for more intense medical solutions like surgery.

For those who are seeking relief from pain, or other medical conditions, Acupuncture Treatment Massapequa professionals from Back to Health Medical are at your disposal. For more information, simply give them a call, today.

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