2 Great Alternatives to Liposuction In Vancouver Clinics

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Skin Treatment


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There are many different options for weight loss, including surgical procedures, minimally invasive procedures, and non-invasive fat removal options. In different types of clinics and facilities in the Vancouver area, one or more of these methods may be offered.

First, let’s discuss liposuction. The removal of fat cells through liposuction has been used for over 3 decades, with the method most commonly used today first developed and used with patients in 1985. There are several important factors to consider if choosing this surgical procedure, including the potential risks and issues involved.

There are Incisions

In liposuction, small incisions, usually about a quarter of an inch in length, are made into the skin. A thin tube, known as a cannula, is then inserted into the fatty tissue. A medical-grade suction vacuum is used to break up and remove the fatty tissue. This is typically completed under local anesthetic. As with any surgery, there are risks of infection, side effects and actually achieving desired results.

There is a Recovery Period

Depending on the type of liposuction and the areas impacted during the procedure, there can be mild to moderate pain for the next 24 hours or longer. The surgical sites will be bandaged, and the patient needs to see his or her doctor the next day. Some treatments may require multiple follow-up visits during the healing process.

Alternatives to Liposuction in Vancouver

There are alternatives available to liposuction that are non-invasive and non-surgical and provide viable options in body contouring and fat removal.

Coolsculpting is one such process, and it can be completed in a medical aesthetics clinic in Vancouver. Coolsculpting is the world’s number one fat reduction procedure whereby controlled cooling is delivered through an application pad, the fat cells are frozen and then natural eliminated from the body. There is zero down time as a result of this procedure and once the fat cells are gone, they are gone for good.

Another non-surgical option is the EndyMed Radio Frequency, which is different from Coolsculpting as it delivers heat to the treatment area to tighten and repair skin that has lost elasticity. The state of the art Endy Med 3Deep machine has proprietary technology that remodels the skin and is an innovative option for anyone looking for a notable alternative to liposuction in Vancouver.

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