When You’re Not Seeing Clearly Because of Damage to Your Retina

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Health


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The health of your retina is something that you want to put at the forefront of your eye care. If you’ve had difficulty seeing words or seeing objects, then there could be an issue with this part of your eye. Here are a few signs that something could be wrong so that you can make an appointment with a retina specialist in Jacksonville, FL, to get the proper treatment that you need. Brightness If you notice that things around you appear dim, then you might want to consider having the of your eyes examined. Because of the damage to the cells in your retina, you’re not able to take in as much light, which makes everything around you appear dim.

Straight Edges When you look at an object, the edges should appear clear and straight. One sign that you should see a retina specialist in Jacksonville, FL, is if you have distorted vision. If you’re a diabetic, this is a common condition with your vision that often occurs if your blood sugar levels become too high. Avoid driving if your vision is distorted as you might not be able to clearly see the lines on the road or lights and signs as you should.

Webs Sometimes, you might notice what appears to be webs in your vision. You might also notice lines that appear when you look at something that seems to be in your eyes. If these webs begin to impair your vision, then you need to see a specialist who can examine the health of your retina to determine if you need glasses or another type of treatment. A similar issue is halos around objects that you see, especially those that are connected to a light source. Your retina isn’t able to clearly decipher the clear perimeter of the lights, which results in a halo effect.

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