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Types of Care Available at a Skilled Nursing Facility in Salt Lake City

Recovering from a serious automobile accident or illness can take several months, with hospital stays lasting several weeks. However, once you’re on the road to recovery, a hospital may recommend that you spend some time in another facility to get physical, respiratory, or occupational therapy before you go home. A skilled nursing facility is not only for senior citizens who need 24-hour nursing care, but also for anyone recovering from long-term injuries or illnesses.

Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities

While most of the people in skilled nursing facilities are senior citizens, they are often also populated with younger people who need 24-hour nursing care. Sometimes the patients are people who live alone and are unable to be by themselves due to limitations after an accident or illness. Some of the care that may be available in a Skilled Nursing Facility In Salt Lake City includes:

•Stroke recovery

•Parkinson’s care

•General wound care

•Personal care

•Acute medical care

•Rehabilitative services

•Terminal illness care

These facilities offer services to help patients get back on their feet, and may also provide end-of-life care. Visit our website to find out more about the services offered to patients.

Getting Care at Home

If you’ve been diagnosed with a terminal illness, you may be able to get care at home rather than at a skilled nursing facility. Even if you need continuous care, you may be able to get it at home where you are more comfortable. It will depend on your condition and the type of care you need.

Along with caring for patients, many skilled nursing facilities that offer hospice care also provide services for caretakers and families. They can get grief counseling to learn to deal with their emotions so they can help take care of their loved ones at the end of their lives.

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