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The All-In-One Urgent Care Clinic in Monroe

Choosing a Urgent Care Clinic in Monroe does not have to be a difficult decision. People only need to look for the medical facility that offers a variety of services, has a trained and professional staff and has hours of operation that make it easy for everyone to get the care they need. Even though this may seem like a lot of requirements, it is possible to find all of this in the area.

The My Instadoc Urgent Care Of Monroe has created a service that meets the needs of the local residents. Their facility has been designed to fill the gaps that are found in many medical offices and through care at hospitals. This includes offering x-ray technology and lab services at the same location and having an on-site pharmacy. These extra departments make it possible to get complete care in one place, rather than requiring patients to make multiple stops due to a single illness or injury.

They also offer extended hours that make it easier for their working patients and school children to get the care they need without rearranging their schedules. The clinic is open every day, making it easy for parents to get their children immunizations without removing them from their classes. Weekend appointments also make it easier for people who want to manage all their errands in one day, including refilling prescriptions or meeting with their primary care physician.

This Clinic in Monroe also offers urgent care services, so is it faster and cheaper for people to get immediate help for serious, but non-life-threatening concerns. Asthma attacks, cuts and burns and broken bones can be seen and helped quickly without the lengthy wait of the average emergency room. It also reduces the costs because their charges are typically only a portion of what would be charged for emergency care.

They offer convenient hours, a variety of services and high-quality medical care in one clinic. It is conveniently located in Monroe and all major insurance plans are accepted. Appointments are not necessary but are always welcome if the patient prefers to have a time reserved. Contact My Instadoc Urgent Care Of Monroe to learn about all they offer or stop by for help with any medical need.

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