Short-Term Residential Rehabilitation Health Care in Madison CT Is Beneficial for Many Patients

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Health


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A beautiful facility providing short-term nursing home care is important for people in many situations. These communities provide physical rehabilitation service to individuals who have been injured in accidents or who are recovering from serious illness or an extensive operation. Those patients do not need to move into a skilled nursing facility permanently, but they aren’t yet ready to return home and live independently. They should have skilled nurses available at all hours for Health Care in Madison CT, but they can no longer stay in the hospital because their condition is considered manageable enough to leave.

This type of Health Care in Madison CT is known as respite care. The patients are only temporarily disabled, or are expected to at least recover to the extent that they can return home or move to an assisted living facility. The goals of the short-term nursing care program are to provide a safe, pleasant environment to reside in while the patient works on physical rehabilitation and recovery. An individual who has suffered a stroke, for example, may have some hard work to do to regain enough ability to live independently again. In the meantime, having access to round-the-clock nursing care while living in a homey and comfortable environment is very beneficial.

At a community such as Gladeview Rehabilitation and Health Care, patients don’t need to go elsewhere to get the therapy they need. Physical, occupational and speech therapy is provided there at the center. Patients can develop a nutritious and preferable meal plan with a dietitian at the center. All recovery programs are entirely customized so patients receive the care they need to regain the maximum amount of physical ability possible.

Another advantage with this type of living arrangement is the setting, which has been created to avoid any unfavorable institutional type of atmosphere. There are lovely views from different parts of the building, and the rooms have big windows. These rooms are intended to feel more like a vacation guest room than a hospital setting. Lamps and soft lighting, for example, are more appealing than overhead fluorescent lighting. Patients have their own bathrooms so they don’t need to feel bothered about privacy.

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