Radiologist vs Radiographer

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Health


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When you go in for an imaging test—an ultrasound or MRI or even a cat-scan or mammography—you’ll get images of your organs and systems. Those scans might seem undecipherable to you but to a qualified radiologist in Orlando, those images can show them what they need to diagnose and treat your condition.

Radiologist vs a radiographer

A radiologist uses medical imaging for treatment, says Study. However, they usually do not perform the procedure. That’s a job for the radiographer. Radiographers know how to operate several types of equipment that’s used for the round of imaging tests you’ll need to undergo. Some radiographers might choose to focus on specializing in certain procedures and equipment while others might be familiar with quite a lot.

Which one do you need?

One cannot be without the other. No matter how qualified, your radiologist in Orlando will need quality scans before s/he can diagnose and treat your condition. That’s why the two must work together to ensure accurate readings. In some situations, though, radiologists might perform the procedure themselves.

How to prepare?

Before the procedure, make sure you dress in comfortable clothes. Pick loose ones that provide you free range of movement. Don’t wear anything with zippers. Take off any jewelry or under-wire bras for the exam. In many cases, the right clothes will mean you won’t have to change into a gown. If you’re more comfortable with that idea—it also saves you time—then you’ll want to be prepared before you go to the clinic or health-care facility for the test.

Are you claustrophobic?

Your doctor or radiologist will ask you if you have any condition that could compromise the results of the imaging exam. If you have a problem with tight spaces, it might be prudent to choose a facility with an open MRI.

These should give you an idea what to expect when you make that appointment with a radiologist.

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