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Non-Surgical Laser Treatments And Sclerotherapy Are Used To Treat Spider Veins

While spider veins are not hazardous to your health, they are unattractive or can be unsightly. That is why their removal is important, aesthetically speaking.

How Spider Veins Are Treated and Removed

The medical name for spider veins is telangiectasia. The veins present themselves as blue, red, and purple-hued threads near the skin’s surface. The reason they are called spider veins is because they resemble a spider’s web. The dilated and visible veins often appear on the face, calves, ankles, thighs, or buttocks. While non-surgical laser treatments are used to treat these veins, they can also be removed with innovative procedures such as sclerotherapy.

A Common Method for Treating Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy has become a common method for treating spider veins, and can easily be done in the doctor’s office. The minimally invasive process involves injecting the vein with a chemical so that the vein will collapse. If a patient opts for non-surgical laser treatments, the veins are also removed in-office. Usually, this process takes under 60 minutes. A beam of light is directed on the vein, which ultimately destroys it. Over a four to six-week period, the collapsed vein is reabsorbed by the body before it vanishes completely.

The Principle Remains the Same

The laser that is used in non-surgical laser treatments is a handheld device that penetrates the blood vessel. As the heat coagulates the blood within the blood vessel, the vein collapses and seals. While sclerotherapy does not use light technology, the principle still remains the same. Both laser therapy and sclerotherapy are used to collapse the vein so it cannot be visibly seen.

Who to Contact in Louisiana

If you would like to know more about sclerotherapy or laser therapy, you should contact a vein specialist. You can learn more about either procedure when you direct your inquiries to the Vein Center of Louisiana. If spider veins are keeping you from feeling self-confident, review your treatment options today. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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