Drug Treatment Centers: Principles of Effective Treatment

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Health


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Drug treatment centers provide a safe environment for those facing this serious and prevalent societal problem. Whether you have a heroin addiction or cocaine dependency, the staff of a reputable and qualified treatment center can help. They will know what approach to take to ensure the treatment will be effective.

Achieving Effectiveness in Treating Drug Abuse

Most treatment centers quantify their effectiveness by the number of patients, and former patients remain drug-free. To achieve this goal, the centers must institute certain principles. By instituting a specific approach, they hope to prove to be more efficacious. The drug treatment centers that operate under such principles address specific aspects of the process and the individual. They create a plan and follow a philosophy that:

  • Tailors the treatment plan to the individual requirements of the patient
  • Recognize the complexity of drug addiction and address all its aspects – overt and covert, medical, emotional and psychological
  • Include both pharmacological and therapeutic/behavioral approaches
  • Adjust the plan during the different phases or steps of recovery
  • Focus on the patient and not the disease and its symptoms

Success lies in recognizing the individual and his or her needs. It takes into consideration the chances a person may have polysubstance dependency or multi-drug abuse. It also fully realizes that drug abuse, addiction or dependency has more than physical causal factors at work.

Drug Treatment Centers

Finding the right drug treatment center is crucial if you or a family member wants to become “clean.” Always consult your personal or family physician about your options. He or she understands your physical and mental condition. They can work with you to compile a list or drug treatment centers in communities throughout the country that can address your own particular situation. Whether you currently live in Broward County, FL or in Ontario County, NY, they can work with you to ensure you find a center that provides effective treatment for your drug addiction or alcohol dependency.

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