Ditch Stress and Feel Fantastic With a Comprehensive Asian Massage

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Health


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Long work days, poor sleep, diet on the go and pollution can stress your body and make you feel rundown. Stress often manifests as knots, random aches, chronic pain and lethargy. Targeted Asian massage in Largo, FL, is a healthy, low-maintenance way to alleviate stress and its corrosive effect on your body. Here’s a brief snapshot of popular massage types and their benefits.

Swedish Massage for General, Ongoing Care

Swedish massage is widely known and practiced. It is one of the tamest forms of massage, yet it’s highly effective. It entails longer strokes in which the massage expert applies gliding hands to gradually, gently coax muscles into a more relaxed state. Swedish massage is traditionally a full-body technique, although it’s equally useful for targeted therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage for Whole Body Wellness

As its name suggests, deep tissue massage targets interior layers of muscle and connective tissue. The targeted manipulation undoes tangles of stress, realigning your body beyond merely its surface. Deep tissue is a wonderful fix for very common trouble areas where people tend to store tension, such as the upper back, shoulders, neck, lower back and legs.

Shiatsu to Tend Your Localized Challenges

Shiatsu is an entire philosophy of massage that shares many principals with acupuncture. As with acupuncture, shiatsu focuses on the application of pressure to certain points on your body. Shiatsu loosely translates as ‘finger pressure,’ referring to the crucial pressure that improves the flow of the body’s vital life force, or , when the massage expert applies that pressure to the correct pressure point.

Ditch the Tension With a Hot Oil Massage

Hot oil massages are central to Ayurveda, an ancient Hindu system of medicine. These massages reduce swelling and muscle tension while improving circulation and the condition of hair, skin and nails. Oils can be unscented but are usually scented to capitalize on their aromatherapy properties.

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