Benefits Of Stairlifts In Pittsburgh PA

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Healthcare


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When a person gets older, it can become more and more difficult for them to get around. If the individual lives in a two-story home, they should look into Stairlifts in Pittsburgh PA. Stairlifts can be set up on the staircase, and the person can sit in a chair and ride up and down the stairs rather than walking. There are several benefits of installing one of these units in the home.

Convenient Alternative

When a person lives in a two story home, but they can no longer get up the stairs safely, the rooms on the second floor will be inaccessible. This could mean moving the bedroom downstairs. Moving the house around this way can be very inconvenient. If a stairlift is installed in the home, there would be no need to do any rearranging.

Continued Independence

One of the main reasons that people go to nursing homes is because they cannot get around well. If an individual cannot climb the stairs and they don’t have the room downstairs to relocate their bedroom, staying in the house would no longer be an option. If the individual has a stairlift installed, they can get up and down the stairs easily which means the individual can continue living in their own home.

Added Safety

If a person struggles to get up and down the stairs, it can be very dangerous. It can take just one misstep and the individual can have a very dangerous and possibly a deadly fall. When a stairlift is installed, they can safely ride up and down the stairs safely. This will also give the individual’s family peace of mind that their loved one will be safe while they are home alone.

Stairlifts are Flexible

Most stairlifts are designed to go up and down any type of staircase. Some people believe that stairlifts will only work on a staircase that goes straight up. This is not the case. Stairlifts can climb staircases that are curved as well as ones with several landings. When the stairlift is not in use, the chair can be flipped up so that people can walk up and down the stairs. Most models also come with left-handed controls or right-handed, depending on the individual’s needs.

If a person is looking into Stairlifts in Pittsburgh PA, they should contact McArdle Surgical.

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