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A Pet Hospital In Overland Park KS Can Deliver Quality Care

Most pets are part of the family. When they’re sick or injured, they need to receive the medical care at a Pet hospital Overland Park KS as soon as possible. Routine checkups are recommended for pets. These checkups can diagnose a variety of diseases before they become life threatening. A pet hospital can offer radiology services to detect a broken bone or blockage within a pet’s body. Wellness Care helps to monitor a pet’s weight, growth and deliver the immunizations it needs from rabies, distemper and other diseases that could seriously affect the pet.

Kittens and puppies usually need to be dewormed. Dogs and cats should be treated with heartworm medication and both should be treated with flea and tick medication to keep them healthy. Kittens will need a Feline Leukemia/FIV test performed. These preventative measures will keep them safe, healthy and happy throughout their life. A Pet hospital in Overland Park KS can also treat animals with injuries that are not life threatening. An appointment does not need to be made and the pet can brought into the office for medical treatment.

If an owner is concerned about their pet becoming lost a pet hospital can microchip your dog or cat. This microchip is very tiny and is encoded with a number that identifies the dog or cat by the information given at the time of the microchip installation. Most animal hospitals and animal shelters have a scanner that can read the chip and determine where the animal’s home is. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a dog or cat back if they’ve become lost or stolen.

Another area a pet owner should be concerned about is senior care for their pet. After the age of seven, a dog or cat’s body will begin to age. They need special treatment with diet and a variety of other things. They can develop arthritis which can become very painful. Proper treatment during the animal’s senior years can dramatically improve their quality of life. Cherokee Animal Clinic has been successfully treating pets in the area since 1964 with caring and compassionate service. Keep your pet as healthy as possible with the outstanding care the clinic offers.

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