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3 Beneficial Forms of Therapy to Help Children with Autism in Houston, TX

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, early intervention plays a key role in producing positive outcomes for children with autism. Because every case of autism is unique, a form of therapy that benefits one child may not benefit another in the same way. However, there are three forms of autism therapy in Houston, TX that have been shown to reduce symptoms and improve abilities of children with autism.

Beneficial Forms of Therapy for Children with Autism

1. Play Therapy

For many children with autism, playing with toys is an avenue of self-expression and communication. It also helps to strengthen their social skills and ability to relate to others. One example of play therapy is playtime on the floor, which requires the therapist or parent to meet the child on their level. Another example is integrated play groups, which incorporate children with and without autism in mixed groups.

2. Occupational Therapy

When an occupational therapist works with a child who has autism, they generally focus on building basic life skills such as hygiene, emotional regulation, body awareness, and problem-solving. In academic settings, however, there may be a greater focus on developing skills required to succeed in a school environment, such as good penmanship or staying focused.

3. Speech Therapy

Some children with autism are unable to speak clearly, or they may have difficulty articulating their thoughts. They can also have trouble with conversational etiquette and nonverbal communication. In these cases, speech therapy can be helpful by improving the child’s ability to communicate effectively.

Support and Intervention

With the right support, children with autism can thrive and reach their full potential. If you are interested in finding autism therapy in Houston, TX, contact Elite Spectrum ABA at their website.

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